Vocal Coaching

Through the years I have developed a style of coaching that works effectively regardless of age, gender, or current level of expertise. I incorporate:

- My vocal philosophy, which encourages you to develop new ways of thinking about the voice. Once this is understood, the sky is the limit. 

- Breathing and placement techniques. There are not 4, 8, or 18 things to think about with regards to vocal technique, there are only 2. Breath and placement. They are of equal importance, and I will give you the most effective approach I have found to master both of them.

-Acting and connection to lyric. After you are singing with good philosophy and good technique, then you've got to figure out how take all that knowledge and almost abandon it for the sake of living the moment on each line of your song. This is tricky at first, but once you trust your technique, you will find it will be there to catch you.  You can then let yourself fall into the world of the song without losing breath or placement. 

Coachings last 1 hour, and pricing is 75 dollars per coaching. 

Email me at Pianomancvd@gmail.com with any questions.