About Chris...

C'est moi. I think I was in Paris in that picture, or maybe NYC. I love to travel.

I've had a wonderful career in theater for the past 15 years, wearing a lot of different musical hats, and I've been playing the piano for the past 22 years. I got my start as an actor, but soon discovered a stronger passion for music directing, and I recently spent a year abroad in Paris to work on my composing and vocal coaching skills. 

Vocal coaching has been some of the most rewarding work in my career, and I get so much joy out of seeing my students succeed. My mentors have imparted to me so much valuable information, and I am truly passionate about passing that information on. 


Photoshoot in Luxembourg with Rimbaud


I've often wondered that since cats don't get in the own way of  their own meows when they have something to say, why do we get in the way of our own voices when we have something to sing? When we sing we are meowing on various pitches and syllables, so there is no need to get in the way of the words behind the pitch. 

It's true, however, that we have a consciousness that cats don't, and that's why I'm so interested in helping you shift your consciousness back to a time where self doubt and the inner critic weren't in your ear, playing a voice on loop saying  "you are not worthy of this" or "you are never going to be good enough at this." Ain't nobody got time for that.